Eye Tracking Usability Test Setup


Step 1: Choose Your Test Participants *

Choose the number of test participants that would be included in your eye tracking usability test. After 3 users, each added test participant is an additional $14.99.

Step 2: Choose Your Website URL *

Input the URL of the web page you want to test.

Step 3: Provide a Mindset for the Test Participants *

Provide a "mindset" for the test participants to improve the accuracy of the eye tracking usability test. Direction to the user gives them a purpose for visiting the website, which leads to a more natural visit. An example of a mindset would be:

"You have searched Google for 'the best laptops' and have landed on example.com. You are looking to find an affordable quality laptop. You are ready and willing to purchase one today online."

Step 4: (Optional) Purchase the Image License Rights

By default, when an eye tracking test is completed, the eye tracking heat map is delivered with a LookTracker watermark and the heat map is added to LookTracker's public eye tracking portfolio. To remove the LookTracker watermark and to purchase full rights to the image, select the "Yes" option.

Do you want to purchase the image license rights?

Step 5: Submit your test and proceed to complete your order

SKU: LT-Main-Package


  • Full Setup of Eye Tracking Test
  • Test Participants
  • Eye Tracking Heat Map for Web Page
  • Quick Electronic Delivery