What’s Involved in a Usability Eye Tracking Focus Group Study?

Starting at just $109.99, you simply setup your eye tracking study online and sit back for the results. No purchase of software or hardware is needed. No need to make code changes to your website.

The Process

1. Choose Your User Test Participitants

Every usability eye tracking focus group study includes at least 3 user test participants, chosen by LookTracker using a diversified pool of individuals. These individuals are the users that actually view your website. You have options to add up to 5 additional for a total of 8 user participants.

Why are only 3 to 8 users needed for each usability test?

Research conducted by usability experts Jakob Nielsen and Tom Landauer showed that you only need 5 test participants for each usability test to find and fix the majority of your website usability issues (see the chart to the left). By limiting the number of test users, it allows LookTracker to provide quality eye tracking results at very affordable prices, giving you the ability to run additional usability test. The limited users also improve the time required to deliver your results.Chart Source: nngroup.com

2. Choose Your Website URL

Simply provide LookTracker the URL of the webpage you want to conduct an usability eye tracking focus group study on. You can choose your homepage, a PPC landing page, a Google search results page or even a competitor’s homepage, just to name a few examples.

3. Provide a Mindset for the Test Participants

Providing a “mindset” for the test participants improves the accuracy of the usability eye tracking focus group study. Direction to the user gives them a purpose for visiting the website, which leads to a more natural visit. An example mindset would be:

You have searched Google for “the best laptops” and have landed on example.com. You are looking to find an affordable quality laptop. You are ready and willing to purchase one today online.

4. (Optional) Purchase the Image License Rights

By default, when an usability eye tracking focus group study is completed, the eye tracking heat map is delivered with a LookTracker watermark and the heat map is added to LookTracker’s public eye tracking portfolio. To remove the LookTracker watermark and to purchase the full rights to the image, simply check off this option when you setup the test. When you purchase the image license rights, your heat map will not be included in the public eye tracking portfolio section.

5. LookTracker Conducts the Usability Eye Tracking Focus Group Study

In LookTracker’s facilities, each usability study is conducted using advanced eye tracking technology in a comfortable and natural setting. Although the studies are affordable, LookTracker does not use inaccurate webcams and inexpensive software for the tests. Only the best hardware and software is used to provide quality and accurate eye tracking data.

6. Receive Your Eye Tracking Heat Map Digitally

After LookTracker conducts your study, you will receive an eye tracking heat map digitally that includes aggregated focus group participant data. The heat maps display different color levels of intensity on the webpage, depending on how long and how often the focus group users looked at each element on the page. Blue and uncolored areas indicate the eye tracking focus group users did not fixate as much or at all in the areas. The more intense the area, the more the users fixated with those areas. Red plots indicate areas with the most intense fixations.

What You Can Expect From Eye Tracking and User Testing

When optimizing your website through eye tracking and user testing, you can see substantial improvements in:

  • Conversion rates
  • Revenue
  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Registrations
  • Donations
  • Downloads
  • Ecommerce transactions
  • Usability
  • User Experience (UX)
  • User engagement
  • Bounce rates