Eye Tracking Test Summary

Have you ever wondered how important a video result is that’s mixed in with “standard” results on a Google search results page? LookTracker┬áconducted an eye tracking study on two search queries that triggered a video result within Google, “sweet caroline” and “sweet caroline song”. We wanted to see how searchers respond to seeing a video within the “standard” search results. Below are two eye fixation heat maps showing the results pages:

Search Query: sweet caroline

Google Video Result Eye Tracking Study | LookTracker

Search Query: sweet caroline song

Google Video Result Eye Tracking Study | LookTracker

Eye Tracking Test Outcome

As seen in the heat maps, videos are tremendously more eye catching than other “standard” results. This shows how important it is to create videos and optimize them to be included in Google’s search results. The data shows that even a 3rd or 4th ranked video is more appealing than a number 1 ranked “standard” result. With that said, position should not be overlooked, even with a video result. The data indicates that a video that was ranked 10th was not as powerful. This is most likely because users are less prone to scrolling completely down the search results page.

Looking for an Eye Tracking Study?

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